My ClanNameis African

Appreciate And Practice Ubuntu

Welcome to My ClanNameis African!

MyClanNameIs African (PTY) Ltd is established with the view to encourage African people to appreciate and practice Ubuntu. The founder of the company is passionate about family and community relations. The birth of this company was driven by the desire to see people living harmoniously and contributing to the embetterment of their communities.

Secondly, the level of unemployment and poverty amongst previously disadvantaged youths of African origin needs each of us to make a contribution to mitigate the situation.

The realization of our rich culture and the lack of participation by our young people also prompted the founder to take action. She hopes that the formation of the company will serve as a vehicle through which Africans can show the world the power of African values. The company is created to unite Africans from all walks of life.

This company must bring jobs, enhance morality and remind people of the principles of UBUNTU/BOTHO that bind us. Hopefully, the company will contribute to the elimination of xenophobia and hatred amongst various peoples in South Africa and in other African countries.